How to Improve Your Quran Recitation Skills

Quran is perhaps the greatest of blessings that Allah Almighty has bestowed upon humans and it is the greatest miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Book is complete in every aspect and every regard. The book is a definite guiding source for all those who seek the path of truth and righteousness.

Although providing guidance is the primary objective of the revelation of Quran, however, Allah Almighty has associated reward with its recitation and listening as well. Most of the Muslims these days opt for recitation of Quran as a means of gaining reward, especially in the days of Ramadan. Moreover, when a Muslim child is able to learn Arabic, the focus of the parents is on teaching the children right way of Quran recitation and the ways in which they can recite Quran in an eloquent and mesmerizing manner.

Quran Recitation Improving

Importance Of Proper Recitation:

Quran is in Arabic and a person with the knowledge of Arabic language can read it, however, the emphasis of Muslims is one recitation of Quran so that they read the word of Allah Almighty in a beautiful manner. There are two major reasons why a Muslim should learn and improve the proper recitation of Quran.

The first reason is the fact that it is the word of Allah Almighty; therefore, it ought to be recited in the best manner possible. In order to do so, a Muslim needs to know the rules of recitation and how different words could be pronounced in variation and to what extent. Thus, those who wish to beautify the word of Allah go for learning and improving recitation.

The second reason why Muslims emphasize on learning the right way of recitation of Quran is the fact that Arabic language is very sensitive to sounds and a little change in sound can change the meaning of a word. Therefore, the Muslims who are non-Arabs, for them it is imperative to know the right rules of the language so that they are able to pronounce the words in the right way so no change in the meaning takes place. Ergo, right pronunciation of the Arabic words is another reason why a Muslim needs to learn and improve Quran recitation.

Improving Recitation:

The knowledge of the Arabic words and the way the assimilate can suffice for the purpose of Quran reading, however, when it comes to recitation, the rules of recitation are an imperative part of Quran teaching. By improving the recitation a Muslim ensures that the words are pronounced in the right way and that more pleasure and beauty is added to the act of recitation. Some tips that can help a Muslim improve the recitation of Quran are as follows.

Learning The Rules Of Tajweed:

Tajweed refers to the beautified recitation of Quran. There are different rules of Tajweed that allow a Muslim to recite the words with variation whilst staying within the given framework. If Tajweed is not followed during the recitation of Quran, the ultimate result is the beauty losing its grip and all the recitation of Quran just becoming plain reading. Therefore, in order to ensure that the recitation that takes place is beautified and ornamented in the best possible manner, the reader of the Quran needs to learn the rules of Tajweed.

Take Help From A Tutor:

Although one can learn the rules of Tajweed by finding some guidebook, however, the consultation with a Holy Quran Teacher is recommended act pertaining to improving Quran recitation. With the book a person can know the rules, however, when the rules are put into practice there is still a grave chance of committing mistakes. On the other hand, when a teacher is consulted, he or she teaches the rules in the most effective manner and when it comes to correcting of mistakes the teacher plays a pivotal role in this regard as well. Therefore, taking help from a tutor can work the best when it comes to learning and improving the right way of Quran recitation.

Start Small:

The problem which most of the new recitation learners of Quran face is that they go to hard on their learning and then when they don’t find results according to their expectations they get dishearten. They learn the rules of Tajweed, but when it comes to its application, they take some long and difficult Surah which makes rightful recitation difficult for them as they are beginners. The best option for beginners is to start with small Surahs of Quran as these Surahs have small ayahs and the rules of Tajweed can be easily applied to them compared to the longer and complex Surahs.

Practice Breath Control:

Beautiful recitation of Quran has a lot to do with your breath. The longer you are able to hold and control your breath the better you are able to practice longer variations in recitation. In order to increase your breath and get better control of it you can go for any breath increasing exercises or even the simple cardio exercises that increase your heart rate and make you breathe fast. Thus, by gaining control over the way you breath you can actually improve your recitation ability significantly.

Emphasize on Quality:

Glorious recitation of Quran is all about quality. The kind of voice you have, the breath control that you posses and the way you apply the rules of Tajweed on the words. The more you have knowledge of these things and the better you practice them the better are you able to recite. The recitation has nothing to do with quantity, therefore, instead of going for recitation of whole Surahs with abrupt recitation opt for recitation of a few verses but in a consistent manner where all the rules are observed. Ergo, when it comes to Quran recitation, prefer quality over quantity.

Listen To Others:

Another great option pertaining to improving your Quran recitation is to listen to the expert Quran reciters. There are renowned reciters of Quran who are known all over the world. Their recitation is the best example one can consider pertaining to beautified recitation of Quran, therefore, in order to do the best you have to learn from the best and observe the way they recite a particular word or ayah and then try doing the same.


In short, although Quran is meant to give guidance and lead to the right path, however, there is nothing wrong in doing so in a beautiful and eloquent manner. Therefore, a Muslim must try learning and improving Quran recitation so that whenever he or she recites it and others listen to the recitation there is pleasure and beauty with optimum aesthetic appeal.


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