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Tips For Developing A Strong Relationship With Quran

Quran is the greatest miracle that Allah Almighty bestowed upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This Book is the word of Divine and it is in it that there is guidance about each and every matter of life. Therefore, it is quite natural that Muslims share a special kind of affiliation with Quran, that is primarily concerned with getting reward and seeking guidance.

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Quran is the Book of enlightenment regarding which Allah Almighty says in Quran:

developed a healthy relationship with Quran

“[This is] a blessed Book (the Quran) which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad (PBUH)] that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.” (38:29)

From this ayah of Quran it is clear that it is a Book of guidance and a reminder, however, in order to gain such benefits from it one needs to reflect upon its verses and understand them, which can only be done once one has developed a healthy relationship with Quran. The lines below discuss the way a Muslim can develop a strong relationship with Quran.

True Intentions:

Pertaining to the development of relationship with Quran, it is important that a Muslim is true at heart before starting recitation of Quran. In this regard, a Muslim needs to have the intention that it is the Book of God and the message in it is a direct message from Him, thus, to read that message one needs to be with pure intentions so that Allah might open the gifts of Quran on that person. Moreover, pertaining to developing a strong relation with Quran, a Muslim must also try to practice whatever is said in Quran, because in this way only would he or she make Quran a practical part of life, hence a healthy relationship.


In addition to being clean at heart before touching and reciting Quran, a Muslim also needs to be physically clean before touching the Quran. Performing Wudoo before touching the Quran is one of the primary etiquettes of touching Quran, which every Muslim must try to observe. Therefore, like before going to prayer, a Muslim must also perform Wudoo before touching Quran as it is all praise of Allah, which must be done after ensuring cleanliness.

Learn to Read Perfectly

Another important aspect of developing strong relationship with Quran is to be able to read and recite the Quran in the way it deserves. That means, if you learn Quran with tajweed and know how to recite It beautifully, you will feel even soulful during the recitation. Therefore, you must take help of a Quran Teacher or Tutor to be able to recite Quran beautifully. This surely will help in increasing your love and affection with the Holy Book.

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Develop The Relation Gradually:

The biggest reason why Muslims aren’t able to develop a long lasting relationship with Quran is that they go too hard on it. If a Muslim were to develop a relation with Quran by reciting it, then he or she would go on so hard that he or she would recite whole Surahs and Chapters in a single day. Although there is reward for it, but reading that much requires a substantial amount of time and when the reciter is not able to give that much time on regular basis then he or she quits recitation. Therefore, the smart way of developing the relationship is to be gradual in approach and start by allocating a few minutes to Quran. Once the temperament is developed, try increasing the time by adjusting your routine. Hence, when you’ll pursue recitation and learning of Quran gradually, you’ll find it easy to continue on and hence the relationship will be a long lasting one.

Try To Understand:

There is no denying the fact that Quran recitation comes with religious rewards that help in spiritual elevation of a person, however, it is the understanding of Quran that is the real essence of its revelation. The primary purpose for which Quran was sent was to give guidance to humankind, thus, if one does not understand Quran or does not try to understand the message it conveys, then one would not find the guidance that Quran truly delivers to humans. Hence, in addition to regular reading of verses of Quran, one must also try reading the translation of Quran as well to get an idea about what instructions Allah Almighty has sent in the Book and how those instructions are to be followed along with the possible benefits of the acting upon them.

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Make It Interactive:

In order to develop a better and strong relationship, you need to make Quran recitation or learning more interactive. There are numerous software and games related to Quran learning available in the market with the help of which you can make Quran learning fun. Moreover, using interactive games and software is one of the best ways of making children learn Quran and develop a relationship with it at an early age.

Listen As Much As You Can:

Quran has a direct effect on the heart of a person whether he or she understands it or not. Moreover, the recitation of Quran by expert Qaris create a mesmerizing condition and leave a great impression on the heart of a person. Therefore, listening as much as you can to the recitation of Quran also does good to the heart and helps developing a relationship that is based on sanctity and love for the sound of the verses of Quran.


In a nutshell, the aforementioned are some of the major tips which a Muslim can utilize to develop a healthy and strong relationship with Quran so that he or she reads and understand the Book of Allah in the way it deserves and make it a part of life.


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Muslim Husband – Leader of The House

Muslim Husband – Leader of The House

In the recent past, there have been many researches on productivity and efficiency of people, mostly in the workplace, like being proactive, seeking cooperation with others, prioritizing matters, listening carefully, careful planning etc. All of these are good things to keep in mind for one`s success in all walks of life.

Talking about accomplishment in one`s affairs, marriage is a very important concern in a Muslim`s life. It is a great blessing of Allah SWT, which is a relationship of love, understanding and cooperation. But nowadays, many families are facing problems, which could be result of a husband or a wife. As, former is the leader of the house, so it demands greater sense of responsibility from him.

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There are certain things which one can adopt in its daily routine to become a highly effective Muslim husband:

Observing Stability Between Work And Religion

Work-life balance has become the hottest issue in today`s organizations. Employees are becoming more and more barren in their occupation because they face serious problems maintaining equilibrium between their private and vocational issues. If they incline towards one side more than what is required, they move towards failure in either issue. So, to avoid this discrepancy, companies have devised systems whereby they ensure that their workers are highly motivated and remain stress free in their work.

Likewise, the head of the Muslim family also has to go through such problems; some have to go on long business tours, while others are stuck in the traumas of their office job deadlines. Such matters result in serious predicaments in one`s marital life. One cannot focus on the needs of its wife and children as it should, mainly because of lack of time to look after them. For perfect remedy of this quandary, one needs to have a proper balance between its work and religion first. Islam is a complete code of life and it contains many religious practices, which in turn helps in leading productive life, like daily prayers teach how to manage one`s time, and Zakah (charity) educates lessening desire for materialistic possessions. Through time management, one could learn how to make it up to one`s family appropriately. And by having lesser wish for earning excessively, one could think about its relations more and fulfill their rights rightfully. So, one should practice its religious obligations as much as it can so that it can benefit from their effectual repercussions.

Keeping Hale And Hearty Through Exercise

Many of the family issues are a result of poor health of the leader of the house. A husband is the heart and brain of the household, who should remain fully efficient so that other affiliates of the home could be happy and satisfied, just like body functions of a man depends on the effective working of one`s soul and mind.

Health problems could easily be solved through regular exercise in the morning and in evening. It does not necessarily means to run for some time in the park. One could also take its wife and children to a nearby recreational area to freshen the mind and body from daily life hassles. This practice also helps in keeping away from carrying diseases like overweight, heart and tissue problems. As, health is wealth, and for any Muslim man, its family should be the utmost priority, so one should always try to remain at the best of its physical condition in order to give its best to family members.

Reading The Holy Quran

The Sacred Scripture of Quran contains all the necessary information for living a successful life, as it not only highlights the great importance of religious duties but also gives much insight about many social and family issues of privileges and duties. A Muslim husband has to set the perfect leading example in one`s home, so by reading and understanding Holy Quran, his children could learn from him and gain inspiration to learn Quran themselves. Moreover, he can also teach his wife about her responsibilities, and learn about his own family obligations to work effectively for their fulfillment.

Maintaining A Good Sense Of Dressing

The modern and Islamic concept of nice clothing does not go along hand in hand. The former is more inclined towards materialism and demands expensive dressing, but the latter just requires a Muslim to remain in complete state of cleanliness with respect to its body and garments no matter how much the dress is simple.

A Muslim husband also needs to act upon the very Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and keep wearing neat and tidy clothes, so that he can act as the perfect example for his kids and spouse in sanitation.

Helping In The House Work

There is a great misconception in today`s society that the female has to look after all the in-family affairs from cooking meals till taking care of kids. That is not the correct gist of Islamic ideologies, nor is the way of the Prophet Muhammad`s (PBUH) life, Who not only used to do His private tasks Himself, but also was observed greatly involved in carrying out daily household work.

Aisha (Ra) once said about Muhammad (PBUH):

“Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) used to patch his sandals, sew his garment and conduct himself at home as anyone of you does in his house. He was a human being, searching his garment for lice, milking his sheep, and doing his own chores.” (Tirmidhi)

How many men in this day and age mend their worn out dresses and shoes themselves and share the burden of their wives in house job. There is a great parable in the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for each and every one of us, Who did all the apparently looking pity things Himself and was not burdening them over others` shoulders. So, it’s clear that a Muslim husband should not feel shame in taking part in internal work of family like helping out wife in making meals, and other stuff like that so that his wife could feel comforted and cared.

So, to conclude, we can say that nobody can be ever perfect, and things are not always as pleasant in relations as one wants them to be. But, to be closer to an ideal Muslim husband, one should at least take care of its basic responsibilities like looking after his own affairs and other family members, gaining and spreading the necessary Islamic insight, actively taking part in family matters, and above all, one should act as a role model for others in every respect.